“There’s Nothing Worse than Being Fat and Pregnant”

Another story from Kelly

There’s nothing worse than being fat and pregnant. Every single prenatal visit, the nurses would check my blood pressure 3-4 times, despite the fact that it was perfect at every visit. They also made me do a stress test every month “just in case.”

I asked them just in case of what and they told me that people “your size” have high blood pressure. I said, but I don’t and never have … It didn’t seem to matter. In fact, they monitored my blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels throughout the pregnancy (which I paid for bc insurance will only cover so much) — even though I have NEVER had a problem and did not ever show signs of developing one.

Now when I go in for postnatal visits – it’s like everyone’s first astounded and then amazed that I’m consistently losing weight. One nurse even said, “Wow, most overweight people don’t seem to bother losing their baby weight.” I did speak up for myself that time and they’ve been much better since then.

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