A fat-friendly doctor may now be just a click away

Sorry for the lack of updates here, folks. Many of the editors who run this site also maintain other blogs, and have professional careers and families that demand our time and resources. Please continue to send in your submissions and they will be posted eventually. Your voice is important.

In the meantime, I wanted to quickly let everyone know of a new way to voice health care complaints in a broader context and also a resource to help locate fat-friendly health care professionals. I’m a member of Angie’s List, a membership service that compiles consumer ratings of local service companies and contractors in multiple cities across the United States. Until now, Angie’s List offers reports of primarily home-related services like roofing and plumbing, but they’ve recently added an online medical ratings system. According to my monthly newsletter, the program allows patients to submit reviews on more than 150 different health categories, from dentistry to pediatrics, oncology to plastic surgery. And according to the newsletter, “Angie’s List wants all the details you think are pertinent to your experience.”

The program is only available to paying members, sorry – membership fees here. (In new cities where the company is building the list, members can join for one year free.) But with more than 600,000 members and growing, Angie’s List’s online medical ratings program has the potential to be one of the most comprehensive and wide-reaching online systems to date and it’s one we can use to our advantage to voice our concerns about shoddy health care received and to also help others avoid those practitioners who can’t see past weight to treat the individual.

If anyone does use it, please report back and tell us what you think. Keep in mind, your health insurance company probably offers an online rating system, too, although my company’s system doesn’t allow space to fully articulate one’s experience in even minor detail.

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  1. Another option, that I’ve used, is http://www.ratemd.com . I’ve rated and read ratings of docs there. The more toold, the better.

    (Wish me luck…I need to find a new gyn….)

  2. Since not everyone can afford to join the excellent Angie’s List, I hope that people who find fat friendly doctors will also continue to submit them to the fat friendly health professionals list, which is a free resource available to everyone.


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