Pregnancy, blood sugar, eye exams

The following are Meira’s experiences –

1.  During the birth of my first child, I was hoping for a vaginal birth.  I had been contracting consistently but without progress for 36 hours when my OB/GYN talked me into a c-section.  During the c-section I could feel them pulling and tugging.  When they got him out they held him up for a moment and then whisked him over to some table & cleaned him up and left him there, alone.  I sent my S.O. over to be with him and as I was watching father and son meet for the first time, I could hear my OB/GYN complaining about dealing with all my fat.  One of the nurses was so appalled that she apologized for my OB/GYN as I was leaving the OR.

2. May or may not be fat related:  When I was 11 weeks into my second pregnancy (twins!), the nurse at my PCP’s office called to tell me that my blood sugar was high (upper limit of this test was like 6.9, my result was 7.  My diabetic aunt says her doc tells her to keep her level below 13 . . .).  I asked the nurse if pregnancy, and specifically twin pregnancy, would have an impact on those numbers and she quickly backtracked.  For the record, 15 weeks later I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors.

3.  I go to the eye doctor for a new prescription & I get new glasses.  Almost immediately I am not thrilled with the new prescription — things that should be clear are blurry.  I go back to the doc who does a couple things and then tells me to get my blood sugar checked, and IF that’s ok, he’ll look into other things.  I explain that my blood sugar has been fine and even great the past couple times it’s been tested and he just shrugs.   A couple months later I go to a new eye doc who figures out that the prescription the other guy gave me was wrong.

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  1. That first one is absolutely appalling–I’m sure doctors say nasty things about patients to each other all the time, which is bad enough; but to say that in front of you, while you’re cut open, and seeing your baby for the first time? Makes my blood boil.

  2. Lori

     /  June 2, 2009

    So, with the eye doc who gave you an incorrect prescription, can you get your money back for that? What can a person do to rectify that situation other than shelling out for another exam with a different doc? Should the eye doc reimburse you for the lenses with the wrong prescription plus the insurance co-pay? Can anything be done other than just being pissed about it? I’ve never been in that situation, but when someone’s error costs me money, I hope that I could stand up for myself and get my money back.

  3. I know I’m replying more than two years late, but I recently bought a pair of lenses, and although the prescription was correct I did have some minor problems with the frame (every time I sweated, whether due to summer heat or exercise, the frame would slip right down my nose, and once even fell off altogether!). I went back to the same place where I bought my glasses and they fixed the problem for me (curled the “arms” a little more so they would fit behind the ear better, and also tweaked the frame to bend the arms inwards a little more when they realized that the frame was also slightly wide for my face–pointing the arms inwards helped compensate for that). They did this at no charge and with no fuss.

    Seems to me that a reasonably decent seller should be happy to fix their own error at no charge once it is brought to their attention.


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