Bad News/Good news story on finding a new doctor

Jean writes:

This is a bad news/good news story. I hope it will inspire others to not give up trying to find a compassionate doctor.

When I joined Group Health Cooperative in Seattle (a non-profit HMO) I made an appointment to meet my new “primary care” doctor (an older man and specialist in internal medicine). On the day of my first (and last) appointment with this man, he opened the door, stood in the hall with his hand on the door-nob, scowling at me, and said, “What can I do for you?” This was said in a voice laden with scorn while he looked at me with disgust plain on his face.

I sized him up, noted his extremely rude behavior, and said with utter calm, “Well, you can start by coming into the room and having a seat.” I felt like I was talking to an angry child. He huffed and stomped into the room and proceeded to make it VERY clear that he saw no reason to try to help me with any of my chronic medical conditions as it was obvious to him that I would be non-compliant and do nothing he recommended. The word “obesity” managed to fall from his lips about twenty times in ten minutes. I demanded that he refill my prescription for insulin and thyroid medication (the bare minimum I needed from him while I moved on to look for a different doctor) and he huffed out of the room.

The good news is that I didn’t give up. I searched to find a woman doctor with a reputation of being “nice” and found my current doctor. She has helped me with a positive attitude, a smile and complete compassion. She understands that no one decides, “Hey, I think I’ll become obese and insulin resistant. That sounds like fun!” Instead, she sees me as someone who is working hard at being as healthy as possible. Even if I’m not always successful, I am making progress due in part to her encouragement and positive attitude. Take a note, doctors! Being kind and supportive is MUCH more helpful than scowling and making dire predictions from your high horse!

ETA: This was a comment sent in, I decided it would make a good post. vesta44

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  1. Gretchen

     /  March 24, 2010

    Who is your doctor, oh anonymous commentor, if you don’t mind? I’m looking for a fat-friendly GP in the Seattle area.


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