Looking for size-friendly endocrinologist/internist in NYC area

Emily writes:

I love your work and your sites. I hope to write more later, but right now I am having a big problem that I hope someone there can help with. I am looking for doctors in the New York City area who are size-accepting. I am having a lot of health problems that are severely interfering with my work and life, and I am being told it is just because I am fat. I know that it is not because I am fat, because I have been at this same weight for years and not felt like this. I used to train like an athlete at this weight and now I can barely walk down the block. Please help if you can. I am looking for an endocrinologist, rheumatologist, and internist. THANK YOU.

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  1. Arpita

     /  May 11, 2010

    Emily, I can recommend an internist based in lower Manhattan. Contact me offline (atheistnun at live dot com).

  2. Miss Silver

     /  May 23, 2010

    If you are in Brooklyn, I have a GP with a background in endocrinology. She was the one to listen to me when I brought up a thyroid concern.

    My e-mail is silversword513 at gmail dot com

  3. Walter Futterweit, MD
    Head of Endocrinology
    Mt. Sinai Hospital
    (212) 876-6400


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