Help please: Need Michigan endocrinologist.

Naomi writes:

I am looking for a size-friendly endocrinologist in the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Toledo area. I have a wonderful GP, but she just won’t accept that my normal thyroid test results don’t rule out hypothyroidism. I am hoping to find someone I don’t have to convince, because I’ve already wasted enough time trying that, and I’m miserable. Every day I spend in pain is a day I’m not accomplishing something else.

The size-friendly aspect is a little complicated: I have long ago accepted that I am a fat person for life – I just don’t feel healthy being THIS fat, and continually gaining. How can I find a doctor who won’t focus on my weight as the root cause of my problem, and yet understand that it is a symptom of the problem, and itself causes some other problems? I just can’t see someone who thinks that the cure for hypothyroidism is losing weight – because, obviously, if it were that simple, I would have done that already. I’m looking for someone experienced with Armour Thyroid. Someone who didn’t have a 6-month wait for an appointment would be best.


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  1. You may want to seek a conventionally trained, holistic doctor. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend anyone in Michigan, but a reproductive endo referred me to an OB/GYN who has a weight & wellness clinic who treats her patients holistically. She diagnosed me as hypothyroid and put me on Armour. She doesn’t believe in the synthetic thyroid meds. Perhaps someone at that office may be able to recommend a network of doctors that medical doctor is familiar with? I’ve been going there a little over year, and although I’m still heavy, I feel so much better on Amour Thyroid and have been able to drop 50 lbs. What a difference in the way I feel!!

    Also, one book that the doctor had me read, called Overcoming Thyroid Disorcers by Dr. David Brownstein, says in one of the appendices that to “find a physician knowledgeable about using a holistic plan to treat thyroid and other endrocrine disorders” contact one of the two organizations:

    Broda O. Barnes, MD Resarch Foundation

    American College for the Advancement in Medicine

    I have know idea what these organizations are like, but they are referenced in the book.

    Good luck!

  2. Melissa

     /  May 24, 2010

    Hi. I came across your blog and your request for an endo. I wasn’t feeling well for a long time, and was continually gaining weight. I thought it was a thyroid problem, but it turns out I had Cushing’s disease. Check out the Cushing’s Help website and forums and see if anything rings true for you. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Also be sure to check out They have great forums with incredibly knowledgeable people, and you’ll be able to get doctor recommendations. And if worse comes to worst, you will get information on how to purchase tests for yourself and some options for acting on those results. Obviously none of it is real “medical advice,” but I personally have found many of the folks there to be extremely well versed in thyroid and adrenal issues.

    Although I live in Michigan, unfortunately I have not yet found a doctor who I can recommend. My therapist recommended Kyle Morgan ( so I am planning to schedule an appointment with her next, but I really know nothing about her. A while back I called Dr. Walter Woodhouse–one of the oft-recommended docs in this area–in Toledo and was told that he no longer deals with thyroid. 😦 By all means try him yourself if you like, but that’s what I was told. There is a thread at Real Thyroid Help on a doctor named Dr. Wycoff in Lansing (–one woman’s experience. Good luck. I know how frustrating this can be.

  4. That second link is going to be messed up if you click it. Here it is again.

  5. Naomi

     /  June 10, 2010

    I want to thank everyone who has replied to my post. I have done a great deal of research and have made an appointment with a holistic doctor. I’m not entirely convinced that this person is the one for me, but it’s very difficult getting appointments, so I’m lucky to get this one.

    One further question I’d like to discuss is the uneasy feeling I get from discovering that many, if not most, holistic doctors aggressively market weight loss programs. For instance, all the ACAM referrals do so, with most practitioners selling special supplements for the purpose. I’m made very uncomfortable by this. I’m sure many physicians are simply responding to patients’ wishes, but I am uneasy knowing that I will be seeing someone whose financial interest is to sell me weight loss.

    Thoughts, anyone?

  6. moose

     /  June 17, 2010

    First of all if your thyroid levels are fine your thyroid is almost certainly fine. Taking thyroid medications unnecessarily can cause health problems.

    There are two types of thyroid tests: one tests the amount of the actual thyroid hormones in the blood, and the other tests the amount of the thyroid stimulating hormone [TSH]. If the TSH is high then the body is trying to convince the thyroid to make more hormone. If the TSH is high and the thyroid hormone levels are high or normal there is probably something else going wrong in the endocrine system. A good doctor should check both to rule out any thyroid issue.

    I urge you to consider seeing a regular MD or, if you prefer someone less inclined to hand out drugs, an Osteopath [DO]. Too many “holistic” practitioners venture into pseudoscience such as homeopathy and reiki, though admittedly some do go with more safer ‘alternative’ medicines such as herbs. Either way, there are some good doctors on the Fat Friendly Professional’s list []. Of the ones in the A2 area I can tell you that Dr Kershaw is no longer in practice. Dr Cooke has a strong interest in diabetes and leans into other areas of endocrinology as well. You may wish to try him.

  7. Vimo has one of the largest databases of specialists in this field on the Internet. Internal medicine specialists who focus on hormones and body chemistry, endocrinologists provide long-term care for individuals with chronic body chemistry conditions. Endocrinologists provide ongoing treatment for patients with diabetes, as well as patients with metabolic concerns, pituitary gland abnormalities, and infertility.

  8. There is a fairly good endocrinologist working out of Wyandotte Internal Medicine in Wyandotte. They are part of the Oakwood Health Care System. I believe his name is Dr. Salis or Salia. (It’s been a while since I saw him). If you are overweight he will talk to you about it, but not unkindly or presumptively – as I recall he does not focus on weight. More, he tries to relate high or low weight with what might be wrong with you. He is most thorough with his testing and if there is a problem he can identify, he will truly attempt to do so. He also has offices in Dearborn. I know this post is old, but I thought I might still let you know about him.


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