Size-friendly doctor needed in Snohomish County, WA

Miss Silver writes:

I’m looking to help a friend who is in need of a size-friendly doctor.
She is in Snohomish County, WA, and she needs a GP and a joint doctor; she has been diagnosed with partial lumbarization of the spine and thus has immense difficulty walking without pain. She has also been caught in a cycle of doctors either downplaying or outright dismissing very valid health concerns. There was a time period where she was in the hospital repeatedly, with a documented problem, which went dismissed or downplayed as just pain, when there were tests to confirm exactly what it was. She loves being out and about, photography, and is about to resume school – if there’s anything I would like for her, it is to resume school with minimal pain.

I’m in NY, across the country, and there’s very little that I can do, but if there is any way that you could help, please. I cannot see this continue for her.

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  1. Regina T

     /  June 5, 2010

    Dr. Whitney Paige McClincy (she goes by Paige) at the Everett Clinic in the town of Snohomish is pretty good at seeing beyond the weight. I have found her to be extremely caring, gentle, attentive, full of empathy, and a good listener. She spends more time with patients than any other physician I have been to, so your friend will have ample opportunity to include medical histories and background information. Their medical assistants use larger BP cuffs without making a big deal out of it, and will let you bypass the scale if you request not to be weighed.

    The office has a lab, ekg, and xray services on location, but I recently had to have my knees and back xrayed and couldnt have it done at that location because of my size (400lbs). Your friend may need to go to the Mill Creek location for xrays if she is over 300lbs.

    Dr. McClincy’s husband works at the same office, so be sure to ask for Paige specifically. The contact information for this doctor can be found at:
    Click on the “find a physician” drop down box and scroll to her name. This will give a brief bio and picture of the doctor, as well as contact and location information.

    Good luck to you friend. I hope she gets the care she DESERVES.

  2. Whatcom County just to the north has done some innovative patient-centered things, and contacting one of the people on this page for a referral might be worthwhile:

    I remember as a kid learning that during the depression, wandering homeless people (I think hobos is derogatory) would leave signs for each other like “compassionate woman” or “mean dog” — It feels like we fat people are needing some signs like these when we come into contact with the health care delivery system.

  3. The fat-friendly professionals list at might be helpful as well.

  4. Thank you to all three of you for your help… I really appreciate it.

    ReginaT: Ironic that you suggest Paige, but for reasons I’m not entirely comfortable saying. I actually already go to that clinic and unfortunately I’ve never had much luck with the “not weighing” thing. Thanks, though, I’ll take a look at it.

    Living400lbs: Yeah, I’ve already checked that out and Seattle, Bellingham, and Bellevue are all way way too far to drive on a [sometimes] weekly basis. Thanks for the input though!

  5. Regina T

     /  June 11, 2010

    Hi Kaia
    I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your impressions with the Everett Clinic in Snoh. If you’re comfortable with that, please email me at I like Paige, but she is by no means perfect. I have had issues with her in the past, but spoke to her at length about it and feel we have a good rapport now. I still get weighed because I’m ok with it, but have seen others bypass the weigh in without conflict, so I was certain they had an arrangement with nurses or their doctor. Maybe I’m ASSuming too much.
    Anyhow, maybe my perception re:doctors is off because I have had a long litany of bad experiences with them. I just find Paige to be kind and a good listener with me, which is often the opposite response I get from other doctors. My husband and I have been thinking of getting out of the whole Everett Clinic system altogether because of various experiences I wont get into here. But Iwould like to discuss this with you further, if you’re willing., Good luck to you !


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