Marine veteran needs help – I’m at a loss as to how to help. Any ideas?

Marvin writes:

I wish to file a tort claim against Va Hospitals in Detroit and Ann Arbor for the following reasons. Fraud, abuse, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, deliberate false statements in medical records, False diagnosis in order to cause harm, intentional denial of life sustaining medical treatment and services. They have caused me mental and physical suffering. I am requesting your help to cause to the Veterans Hospital in Detroit and Ann Arbor to treat my Medical conditions. I am an honorably discharged veteran of the Marine Corps. The last few years have been very difficult and I don’t know how long I can hold out. I feel I am losing myself. I have pleaded for help from both hospitals without success. I have called the suicide hot-line four times trying to get help. I have called and written the hospital directors office, the patient’s advocates, I have contacted the Marine Corps league, American legion, Congresswoman Kilpatrick, John Dingle, and Debbie Stabeanow, President Obama, and no one will help me. I have a substance abuse, depression history and I feel that they use this to justified not treating me. I am scared of the staff member because of staff’s constant use of hospital security guard to threaten and harass me. I have never had a violent incident at any Veterans hospital; however the hospital staff consistent lies and profiles me as a violent person with no adequate evidence or history. Please help this is a very serious matter, I want to get better. I struggle with homelessness and maintaining a residents, I can’t sleep, focus, I am isolating, and I am very depressed. Veteran’s hospitals have some great services for Veterans who suffer with the same or similar conditions, but I can’t excess treatment. I know for a fact that there conduct is a vicious malicious deliberate act to harm me. I can explain and provide evidence for why I feel this way. Please, don’t dismiss me as just another crazy veteran who is making up conspiracies; I am not crazy or delusional I am not making this up, I can prove it. Please I have no criminal background; I have served my country and worked most of life until I became disabled around 2001. I am a large African American male (connect to profile). I have not broken any veterans hospital rules although I am sure they will tell you I have. I beg you; please don’t take their word for it someone needs to investigate. I will sign any release necessary. You will find staff misconduct and violations of federal laws in their effort to deny me treatment and services. I can’t access any appeals or due process procedures. I don’t know what to do. I am in severe Pain, I don’t feel I can make it if I don’t get help. Please help me.

ETA: I have removed his last name, phone number, and email address from this plea for help, but I have it saved in a Word doc on my pc. If anyone can point him in the direction he needs to go for help with this, I’ll be glad to pass that information on to him. Thanks, vesta44

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  1. MidnyghtChilde

     /  June 7, 2010

    You could try pointing him to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, their home page is here:

    Although they focus more on just-returned veterans, they should know where to point him and help with the problems and red tape. In the very least, I imagine they would know the kind of problems he is dealing with.

    I sincerely wish him the best. I am fundraising for IMSFF currently though my company, which is why I had heard of them.

  2. This kind of complicated problem seems to call for a lawyer, and it looks like Marvin has no money to hire one. The University of Michigan has a public service program, where law students provide legal services to “underserved populations who would not otherwise have access to high quality legal counsel.” They work with the Michigan Poverty Law Program.
    (I’m not sure if he would just want to send email to the director of the whole program and explain the situation, or scroll down to the details of the “Public Interest Clinics” and try to deal with one of those.)

  3. I am also a US Marine, and the medical system is not always reliable. I don’t know where this man is, but he needs to find his nearest recruiting station or reserve unit and explain to the Marines. Marines will do anything in their power to help their own. If he is honorably discharged he should still be able to receive medical care. Take it to the Marines in person!! ~tiger

  4. It’s great to see people helping out this man and posting resources. I hope he gets the aid he needs. Also, yay update!

    Wherever you are, god(s) bless you!

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  6. Another great post. I shared this on my Facebook – you should look at adding a “like” button to your articles.


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