Fat and pregnant? You must have gestational diabetes. . . .

Jennifer writes:
I got a shock at my latest annual physical. Dr. W. opened my file, glanced at the summary page, and told me that my history of gestational diabetes was a matter for concern.

I have had three pregnancies, all with care provided by the same group practice. I have never had gestational diabetes. At one point they were so sure that I was going to keel over and die that they had me checking my own blood sugar every morning, and I have never even once shown any sign whatsoever of GD–not even a borderline result. But somebody at this practice decided that because I am fat, evidence be damned, I must must MUST have had GD, and wrote it on the front page of my file. This must have been done after my last pregnancy or I would have heard about it before.

Dr. W., who is generally a nice guy, agreed that nothing in my file revealed the slightest sign of GD and promised to correct the front page. But now I have to wonder, when I go there, whether Dr. Z. or Dr. B. or Dr. L. or Dr. J. will completely ignore the evidence of their own instruments and prescribe care based on my pants size. And I can’t always count on being able to see Dr. W.


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  1. The stress of stigma is so destructive. What a horrible thing to have to experience during pregnancy, which is stressful all on its own.

  2. tanz33

     /  April 27, 2013

    I can relate. At my first midwife appointment for my last pregnancy she told me I *would* develop high BP and gestational diabetes and said the best thing I could do was to make sure I didn’t gain any weight at all… and this was a twin pregnancy. Needless to say I didn’t develop GD (and I hadn’t expected to) but I still had another medical ‘professional’ accuse me of cheating when the third GD test in a row showed yet another normal result.


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