Symptoms? Lose 10 lbs first, then Dr will consider diagnosing. . .

LW writes:
My mother’s doctor refused to consider her symptoms until she lost 10 lbs. She did. Then he told her to lose 20 more. She tried, but she was in constant pain and couldn’t exercise. Plus, she was 60. Finally, he “humored” (his wording–he was still convinced it was her weight) her, ran some tests, and found that she had…rheumatoid arthritis. She suffered for months and sustained permanent joint damage because he didn’t like the way her ass looked.

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  1. That is not only negligence, it is damaging (unknowingly, as it may). I’m sure she has already transferred to a different care giver, however she should complain to the relevant authority so that he learns the lesson of judging a patient by their pants size.

  2. Ugh, that’s bad. I hope she’s got good treatment now and that it’s settled down.

    Similar thing happened to my husband, who also has RA. He was told by our GP in Scotland that it was his weight making his knees sore and no investigation was done on his hand problems. Only when we moved to Ireland did the GP do actual tests and never uttered a peep about his weight. Surprise surprise, real genuine medical problem in progress rather than just some weight bias.

  3. Malpractice suit, please. “I refuse to diagnose you” cannot be allowed to be a thing. Ever.


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