Let’s Ignore Why You Came Here And Talk About Your Weight

Christa writes:

Since I was seven, I had been going to the same doctor’s office for 20 years. In the entire time I had been there, the only comment any doctor had made about my weight was after I had lost twenty pounds. She asked what I was doing to lose weight to ensure it was still healthy and cautioned me against losing too much weight as my goal would put me too low on the BMI.

I recently moved, however, and realized I needed to find a new doctor when I got an infection in my sweat gland. The infection most likely came from shaving and antiperspirant, something I learned through research on my own.

When I arrived at the doctors office, they did the regular rigmarole, weighing me, taking my blood pressure, taking my temperature. I sat in the examination room for fifteen minutes, and a small woman comes in to talk to me about my infection.

Actually, we mostly talked about how I was overweight. The blood pressure reading showed that my blood pressure was slightly elevated on a single number, which meant I might be pre-hypertensive. My previous doctors never thought it was something to worry about, and even this doctor noted that a single reading couldn’t be used to determine a problem.

What we didn’t talk about was how to avoid getting infected sweat glands in the future

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