Which hospitals in your network can handle patients of size? Response – Lose some weight.

A reader writes:

Hey… just wanted to share this response from the Cleveland Clinic when I asked what hospitals in their network would be best equipped to handle a person of my size. “Lose some weight, fatty” is less than helpful.

Requestor message : As a person weighing almost 500 pounds, I have found that I’ve been unable to have certain diagnostic tests at certain hospitals. I would like to have more information about what hospitals in the Cleveland Clinic network are best equipped to handle a patient of my size and weight, should I ever be in a situation where I can choose which hospital to go to. Which hospitals have higher weight capacities on their MRI and CT machines, for example? Thank you!

Dear [redacted]:

Thank you for contacting Cleveland Clinic through our website.

It sounds like you have experienced some frustrating situations in getting tests done and the weight issue. Your question is not a black and white response. There are certain weight limits on many of the machines and many times it is a matter of losing 10-50 pounds when one is around 500 pounds. I have a resource for you. We have a website: https://weightloss.clevelandclinic.org/index.aspx

The phone number here is 1-800-339-8929

Congratulations on taking care of yourself and my best to you as you continue on! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

Ann M. Biery RN BSN
WebMail Representative
Cleveland Clinic