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Formalizing a comment policy for FDNH is long over-due, so here it is. I suggest people who want to comment read this before commenting, it will explain what comments won’t see the light of day.

#1 – Be respectful of the person whose story has been posted. You don’t know their whole life story, their entire medical history, or anything else about them, other than what has been published. Don’t be a dick when commenting.

#2 – Don’t expect any comment that recommends weight loss as the “cure” for any ill to be published. That recommendation is one fat people have been given all their lives and is the main reason for this site – it hasn’t worked and genuine causes of illnesses have been overlooked in favor of the shortcut of “weight loss as cure”.

#3 – Don’t expect any comment with any link to any site that recommends a diet plan, a diet pill, or weight loss surgery to be published. That’s not the purpose of this site. As the moderator, I will not debate the efficacy of any of those.

#4 – Any comment that in any way denigrates fat people will not be published. Calling us lazy, gluttonous, stupid, etc is guaranteed to get your comment trashed.

Those are the rules, follow them or your comment won’t see publication. These rules may be added to/modified at my discretion. Deal with it.

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